Welcome to B&E

Welcome to B&E

  • Breaking away from religion and entering into intimate relationship with God (the God of the Bible, we believe, has no use for religion)

  • Breaking down centuries-long idols and entering into God’s purifying, consuming fire

  • Breaking out of dogmas that have encrusted biblical faith for centuries and entering an adventurous path that asks, “What were You really saying? What are You really saying?”

  • Breaking the chains of legalism and entering into the freedom of the Holy Spirit

  • Breaking the thrall of unbelief and entering into the power of deep trust

This website is not about us, but rather about the material published here, so we won’t go into a great deal of detail about ourselves.

There are two main authors—B and E. Between us we have two undergraduate and five graduate degrees, E’s graduate degrees being in New Testament and one of B’s graduate degrees focusing on Old Testament (the other degrees are in science).

Our approach to scripture is fairly unusual. We are not fundamentalists. We believe God was working in the lives of people in ancient times to see that we possess adequate witnesses today to God’s gracious and mighty acts within human history; but we understand that these written testimonies were created by human beings with particular languages, literary abilities, world views, biases, and theologies—individual traits that our Lord in no way chose to bypass. That’s not his style. The writers of scripture were no automatons. We love the scriptures, and take them with utmost seriousness; but we recognize they are in no way perfect. The Bible is not the word of God. Jesus the Messiah is the word of God. And he is personally and dynamically real to us—he has performed miracle after miracle in our lives, and he is as real to us as our next-door neighbors.

Since the early 1970s we have been members of Fellowship of the Way of Christ, by which both of us have been ordained. We live in Illinois.

We welcome your feedback.

—B & E